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Online Counselling

Via Skype

Counselling via Skype is another option for those that might have difficulty or anxieties about meeting face to face. It can be just as helpful as face to face sessions without having to leave the house.

Please see below for guidance and more information.

Online Counselling guidance

Please be aware of the following when signing up to have counselling online.

I will be using skype. User ID: abingdoncounselling@gmail.com – Please do video call me at your appointment time. I will answer promptly.

If for some reason you are unable to call on time, I will be fully available for the duration of your session. If you prefer that I call you, then let me know in advance. (and send me your skyper user name or email)

If you have asked that I call you, I will attempt to call at the appointment time. Then again after 5, 10 and 15 minutes. If I am unable to get a response, then I will await your contact.

Please make sure your Mobile device is fully charged.

I ask that you dress to a suitable standard.

A good quality connection with headphones and mic is required. I cannot guarantee the quality of our connection. Please refer to your internet provider if in doubt.

Please try and find a comfortable space where you will not be heard, where there is nothing to distract you and where you will not be disturbed (where possible).

If you have young children in your care, please discuss this with me before you commit to counselling so we can look at how this might affect the session.

You have my permission to record the session for your own private use only. I do not take recording of the sessions.

Sessions that fail due to technological issues or drop-out my end can either be fully refunded or rebooked for another time.

Sessions must be payed for in advance - See Fee's page for details.

I will be available throughout via mobile phone should problems arise. 07722152156

For more information or if you have any questions around what we treat and the services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 01235 427908 or text 07722152156 or email us at abingdoncounselling@gmail.com


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